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Tax & Advisory

Taxation is one of the most rigid areas in any size of business which requires competence in the field of tax planning, documentation, and representations. This is where we come into the picture. When it comes to tax planning and tax preparation decisions, our company will guide you through the proper strategies to keep down tax liabilities improve cash flow whilst keeping you on track to your financial goals.

Our team of tax experts is properly prompted and updated with current tax laws. Thus, thorough research and analysis will be performed in order to optimize existing financial opportunities. We treat our new and long-term clients as partners. Rest assured that only top quality and updated tax return preparation and planning will be provided in a timely manner.


So if your company is continuously battling with time constraints with taxation on a busy season, we are open to making a partnership with you. We have helped a number of businesses boost their productivity and profitability with our outsource taxation solution by letting firm staff focus their talents on core business functions such as better client service and business growth strategies.

We help our clients lessen their tax burden with the right outsource taxation services. Our team has strong work ethics and are well aware of their duties. Thus, they take full responsibility to provide our partner businesses only top quality tax services along with guaranteed compliance with tax laws and most accurate tax data whether it is personal or business taxes.

How we do it?

  • Tax return preparations

  • State and local tax consultation

  • Payroll and sales tax compliance

  • Individual tax compliance

  • Business and personal tax burden coordination

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Foreign tax compliance

  • Representation before authorities

Our taxation experts possess extensive expertise in tax preparation, tax reporting, tax compliance, rest assured to meet deadlines on filing tax returns. We do not only care about you cutting costs and increase efficiency on such matters but also to escalate business value.


Taxation Services includes:

For our Philippine clients:

  • 1601E Creditable income taxes withheld (expanded)

  • 1601C Employee Compensation Withheld

  • 2550M Monthly VAT Return

  • 2551M Percentage Tax Return

  • 2307, 2316, 2307 Preparation

  • 1702Q Quarterly income tax return

  • Monthly and Quarterly VAT Relief

  • Summary List of Sales and Purchases

  • 2550Q Quarterly Income Tax Return

  • 1604 E Annual information return of creditable income taxes withheld expanded

  • Income payments exempt from withholding tax

  • Alpha list Summary of Employee and Vendors for MWE and regular earners

  • 1604CF – Annual Alphalist of Employee Compensation

  • Annual Business Registration to BIR

For our Australian Clients:

  • Business Activity Statements

  • Instalment Activity Statements

  • Annual Tax Returns for Individual, Company, Trust, and Superannuation fund

  • PAYG Withholding Summary (Group Certificates)

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